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The only guide to Dead Sea Hotels you’ll ever need…

[ 0 ] March 19, 2011

Welcome to, the only site that will give you an unbiased review of Dead Sea hotels in Israel, as well as a guide on what to see, do and eat and drink in the surrounding area. We’ve busted our guts researching which of the Dead Sea Hotels are worth staying at, and what facilities they have on offer, and yes, as we live in Israel we’ve even managed to stay at a few of them.

Forget about those nonsense sites out there listing a few hotels in gobbledy-gook English, this is the only website you’ll need to check out if you’re interested in finding out more about Dead Sea hotels and what to do and see in the area.

Included on the site, which is ever expanding thanks to the ever-growing number of tourists coming to Israel and the Dead Sea, are some awesome facts about the Ein Bokek (the main tourist strip where most of the hotels are situated) and Dead Sea area we’re sure you didn’t know, where to go in the area, lots of pictures and videos to entice you over, and yes, even a guide to when to come to the area (because, trust us, even in the air-conditioned luxury of some of the hotels we list on the site, there are just times of the year that you might want to avoid).

Check out our list of recent posts on the left for some of the latest info, or if you are just looking for info on Dead Sea hotels, step on over here. A great place to start your search is always with our Top 5 Dead Sea hotels, the ones we can highly recommend.

Top 5 hotels in the Dead Sea

[ 3 ] April 5, 2013

Here are five of the very best Dead Sea hotels, at least according to, the top travel review site with over 45 million traveller reviews. We’re inclined to agree with their rankings, it has to be said, though there is certainly room for a Top 10!

As you can see, the list doesn’t necessarily include the most luxurious hotels in the Dead Sea, but those most highly rated. Which is a great way to find a great hotel, right?

The Top 5 ranked hotels in the Dead Sea, as of April 2013, are:

  1. Lot Spa Hotel on the Dead Sea, Ein Bokek
  2. Isrotel Dead Sea Hotel and Spa, Ein Bokek
  3. The Masada Hostel, Ein Bokek
  4. Royal Rimonim Dead Sea, Ein Bokek
  5. Spa Club Hotel, Ein Bokek

Royal Rimonim Dead Sea Hotel

[ 0 ] September 20, 2011

Royal Rimonim Hotel Dead SeaIn the shimmering turquoise waters, the reflection of the majestic mountains of the Dead Sea has attracted visitors for centuries. Whether you need to indulge in the pampering of world class spas or relax and soak in the rays of the warming sun, you will find it all in the many available Dead Sea hotels.

One of the finest hotels is the rejuvenated Royal Rimonim Dead Sea Hotel: spectacular, elegant, and sleek and there is possibly no better way to enjoy the region.

Kibbutz Ein Gedi Resort Hotel

[ 0 ] September 16, 2011

As the sun rises on the sun bleached desert mountains of Israel, the Dead Sea’s sparkling turquoise waters come alive with tourists. This is the lowest point on the face of the earth and it has a historic mystique about it that is hard to forget.

Today Dead Sea hotels offer guests an opportunity to bathe in its healing waters and reap the restorative health benefits sought after by so many. One of the Dead Sea’s best hotels, the Kibbutz Ein Gedi Resort Hotel is found on top of a hill with a dazzling view of the Dead Sea.

Masada Guest House and Youth Hostel

[ 0 ] August 16, 2011

Masada youth hostelThe Dead Sea is famous for its minimalistic beauty and therapeutic waters and at the lowest point on the earth it possesses some amazingly unique properties. Those interested in its healing therapies but traveling on a budget will enjoy their stay at the Masada Dead Sea Hostel. Perfect for those touring Israel and trying to pack in as much fun as possible.

The Masada Guest House and Youth Hostel is just as unique as it surroundings, with each room featuring its own private bathroom, television, and mini-fridge. Very simple but up to date décor with fresh open spaces and terraces allowing you to enjoy the expansive desert and turquoise sparkling jewel, the Dead Sea.

Isrotel Dead Sea Hotel and Spa

[ 1 ] May 29, 2011

Nestled in between the borders of the Jordan and Israel desert, sits the legendary Dead Sea. Known for its therapeutic density of minerals and salt, the Dead Sea has a historic reputation as a restorative resort since the days of King Herod and David.

Many people however fail to realize the multitude of world class spas housed in the Dead Sea hotels today. The Isrotel Dead Sea Hotel and Spa is an oasis in this salt laden desert area. With mineral mud baths and very professional spa treatments, this hotel places an emphasis on indulging you with relaxation and hospitality. It’s no surprise that it regularly features in the Top 5 hotels in the Dead Sea chart.

The best hotel in the Dead Sea? The No. 1 ranked Lot Spa Hotel

[ 1 ] May 28, 2011

For centuries people have flocked to the Dead Sea in search of the healing and curative properties of its heavily salted waters. An ever-growing range of Dead Sea hotels have sought to serve the increasing number of tourists in search of restoration and increased vigor, not least the popular Lot Spa Hotel.

The Lot Spa Hotel, recently ranked as the best hotel in the Dead Sea according to travel website  Trip Advisor, is one of the few Dead Sea hotels that has a private beach. There’s easy access to the gazebo shaded peninsula beach that gives the opportunity to float in the midst of the sea at leisure.

Royal Rimonim relaunch party – complete with FashionTV!

[ 0 ] May 17, 2011

The Royal Rimonim’s recent relaunch party in March saw FashionTV tag along and create this video…which will give you a great idea of what a holiday in the Dead Sea, and at one of the best Dead Sea hotels, is all about. There’s a lot of Israeli celebs, lots of massages, and lots of beautiful Israeli models, not a bad thing we say!

And after seeing their great relaunch party, it’s no surprise to see the Royal Rimonim ranked as one of the Top 5 Dead Sea hotels. Worth a visit we think..

Daniel Dead Sea Hotel

[ 0 ] March 26, 2011

The Daniel Dead Sea Hotel is situated at Ein Bokek, the main hotel strip in the Dead Sea. The Daniel is located right on the shore of the Dead Sea, its superb location allowing guests to take advantage of everything the remarkable Dead Sea has to offer, from its therapeutic waters to its magnificent desert views. Moreover, the Hotel offers proximity to historic sites such as Masada, Qumran, Ein Gedi and many more.

The Hotel has 302 cozy and comfortable rooms, 12 luxurious suites, and rooms customized for disabled guests. All rooms offer breathtaking views of the Dead Sea, the desert and the mountains.

A must-do on any stay at a Dead Sea hotel…

[ 0 ] March 26, 2011

So, if you’re staying at a Dead Sea hotel, this is an absolute must-do (and we’re sure you know it!) – floating in the Dead Sea. A strange, once-in-a-lifetime experience, never to be forgotten. Give it a try!

Leonardo Club Dead Sea Hotel

[ 0 ] March 25, 2011

The Leonardo Club Hotel (formerly known as the Golden Tulip Club) is ideally located in Neve Zohar, just a throw away from the main hotel strip at Ein Bokek, and features its own private beach. The hotel has 388 rooms, including standard rooms, suites, mini suites, and family rooms all overlooking the Edom Mountains and the southern portion of the Judean Hills. Rooms for guests with disabilities are also available.

There is an adjoining beach, tanning areas, beach services, convenient access to the water, specially designed sun pavillions, swimming pools and rooftop solarium with tanning areas for men and women. Built as recently as 1988, the Leonardo Club Hotel has 10 floors containing 388 rooms and 5 elevators. In 1998 the hotel’s new wing was constructed, and in 2003 the lobby furniture was replaced, as was the carpeting in the rooms. In 2007 the carpeting in the lobby and main and small dining room was replaced. In October 2006 the spa received some pampering of its own and was renovated.