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The best time to visit the Dead Sea is…?

[ 1 ] March 21, 2011 |

The Dead Sea can be a pleasure to visit throughout the year. But the ideal vacation will probably depend on what your own personal preferences are. For example, in September the holiday season (the Jewish holiday season) is a big factor on prices and even room availability. Everywhere is usually packed to the rafters. If crowds and Jewish holidays are your scene, then September/October are usually very full of action, though holiday dates will vary from year to year.

Another important factor in your decision when to visit the Dead Sea will probably be based on the weather. You’ve probably already learnt that Israel is extremely hot during the summer months, especially July-August. In the Dead Sea it gets extremely hot. Although the sun is less harmful at the Dead Sea, it is still very strong. Something you should take into consideration. If you’d prefer a cooler time to visit, the Spring (March, April and May) or Autumn (October and November) are probably better, as temperatures are a little more tolerable, around the high 20’s.

Winters in Israel and the Dead Sea are not really winters as you know them. You might see some occasional days of rain (which often leads to flash floods in the Dead Sea area, so be careful), but the temperatures are very comfortable.

To cut a long story short, avoid Israel and the Dead Sea in April (when Israel celebrates Passover, or Pessach) or September/October if you hate crowds and don’t want to be limited by numerous public holidays. These months might have the best weather, but they are choc-a-block full of tourists, both locals and from abroad. If you want a more relaxing, and cheaper, holiday, as well as not too overbearing heat-wise, we’d recommend March and late October/November.

Enjoy your trip!

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